Ass Blaster Double Bump With Tail Black

Stretch Your Anal Canal to the Extreme with Our Ass Blaster Double Bump With Tail Black
? Made with a 100% silicone material
? Waterproof design
? Phthalate free
This double ridged black butt plug is designed from a high-grade silicone material.
This Ass Blaster Double Bump with Tail Black has a perfect shape that allows deep penetration for both male and females. It has a smooth shaft and a big tail handle that is curved to prevent too deep penetration and to give you control of your stimulation.
It has a tapered tip with an increasing girth at every inch of the shaft which ensures that all the sensitive corners of your anal canal are Boxers and Shorts stimulated giving multiple orgasms. It has a unique neck that holds the plug comfortably in place and allows you to tilt to the position your feel more comfortable in.
With this plug, you will need to be generous with your favorite water based lube for added stimulations and to prevent unwanted friction. For easy insertion, it is advisable to insert the plug while in a relaxed or aroused state. This plug will pleasure both experts and novice.
Its ultra safe silicone material is hypoallergenic meaning that it can also be used by individuals with sensitive skin. Moreover, it is waterproof giving you a chance to transform your shower time into play time. The compatible size of this plug gives you the opportunity to tag it along without anyone noticing it.
After every use, ensure to clean the toy in warm soapy water and allow it to dry before storing it.

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